Rules for Dating Online and Off

Geplaatst op 07-03-2023

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In a different article on Loveawake free dating site site we did the dating rules for men and what they should follow when dating online and off. So now it’s you girls turns. Now, please keep in mind that everyone will have their own opinions so I will just state the general rules that should be followed. Add or take away as you see needed. This is just something that we learn, then forget at a later age and so you need to relearn them.

Every society has their own predefined set way of social rules that we all seem to follow. There’s the way and timing we eat to just how we are in public. The thing here is that when a woman dates, although most things should be taken care of and handled by the male, there ARE things the female can do to help make the date and themselves become more successful. Although dating isn’t some game, there are still rules we need to follow, and that means you ladies too. And like anything, if you know the rules ahead of time you get that head start at things. So if you don’t, you will lack.

So what we got here are 2 sets of rules, I skimmed through them to only leave the most needed to know ones here. We got online dating and offline dating rules.

Offline Dating:

- No matter how much you are paid you should always try to look your best. Nice kept hair so it doesn’t look like a dead animal, maybe SOME makeup (I for one don’t like women in makeup) and make sure you aren’t wearing rags for clothes. Women will always be at an advantage on this one because they are a girl. That explains it all there.

- Don’t give out information that they don’t NEED to know, for your own safety mainly.

- Keeping your date sort of brief will make things safer for yourself.

- Always let the man pay. If he goes for it or is obviously wanting to pay it, let him pay it. He is happy to do so for you. And if hes super boyfriend he would pay for your ride home.

- Don’t leave a guy waiting. If they are interested in you then don’t ruin that by making them wait. And don’t expect gifts like flowers, it’s pointless until later dates and anniversaries and such. Don’t be fooled thinking a man NEEDS to do these and no making him wait will make you lose Mr. Perfect.

- If your man wants to set up a date, cooperate. Shows you two can work together which is needed in life. If you got something planned that’s more important then a possible future life, then decline. Otherwise don’t.
- Don’t torture your date. He isn’t here to play games. He’s here to get to know you and maybe start a serious relationship. If you play with his mind expect him to leave or cheat.

- You don’t need to be a good kisser. Personally I loved how my girlfriend got her first kiss from me. Let’s me know that firstly, shes not good at it cause no other guys lips were there, and two I’m her special someone that I got her first kiss. The fact it wasn’t perfect made it that much better.

- Don’t judge or assume your date. Sure most guys can be dumb but that doesn’t mean ALL are. So save the judging and assuming till after you decided to get to know him better.

- Not everyone is rich, so don’t judge him by his shoes that aren’t name brand.

- If you want to remain signal, make fun of his parents.

Online Dating:

- If you are interested in the man, e-mail him to catch him. Otherwise they may talk to other ladies.

- If someone annoys you, I would suggest telling them to stop, if they keep doing it, block them.

- If you want to lure the guys to your profile put up a cute picture.

- Always reply to e-mails as soon as you can. This is real life, not a game.

- Always make sure you date safely. Keep protection with yourself  just in case something bad happens.

- Be online as long as you want. The longer you are the faster you can reply to e-mails and the more interested you will look.

- Don’t date married people. It’s wrong and dumb.

- If someone plays the waiting game with you you should just ignore. They will do the same to you if you play the waiting game, so don’t.

- Don’t lie about your appearance. They will obviously find out eventually if you lied about it or not, and believe me, we hate liars.

So, there you have it ladies. Always remember guys fall for women like nothing, so try to appear nice and desirable. Don’t torture the men unless you want to be tortured back and do us all a favor and lay off the dumb waiting game. Life isn’t a game and dating sure isn’t. You are dating to find your future spouse, so don’t ruin it for some dumb game that makes no sense from the start. Reply as soon as you can online and off no matter what others say. Always be safe and use your head, and always use secured safe dating sites.