Things to Do in Reykjavik

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Are you going on a city trip to Reykjavik soon and are you curious about the highlights in the capital of Iceland? Reykjavik has many fun attractions and activities for a successful city trip. The literal translation of Reykjavik means 'Smoky Bay' in Icelandic, which is not surprising given the geothermal and volcanic activity in the area. Read more about the Things to do in Reykjavik sightseeing or make beautiful excursions in the beautiful Icelandic environment.

Landmarks in Reykjavik

The capital has only 123,000 inhabitants, but nevertheless has plenty of attractions to visit. The hallmark of the town is the Hallgrimskirka, the church in the center of town. In front of this church is the statue of Leiff Eriksson, who according to legend would have been in America 500 years before Columbus. From the Hallgrimskirka you walk via the rainbow street to the shopping area of ​​Laugavegur, the neighborhood full of small shops and restaurants. Then take a stroll to the coast where the shiny artwork of the Sun Voyager will immediately catch your eye, as this is one of the most photogenic places in Reykjavik. From here you will walk to the Harpa Building, Reykjavik's concert hall, which is definitely a unique architectural highlight. Even if you are not going to visit a concert, a look inside the building is more than worth it. Then continue your tour of Reykjavik Iceland towards Austurvöllur Square where Iceland's Parliament Building stands. Just 200 meters away is Lake Tjörnin Lake, a popular sport for birds, but where you can also take a nice walk along the many striking works of art around the lake.

Museums in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is also a real museum city, so you won't be bored when the weather is bad. The most notable museum is Perlan; this is a versatile museum on top of the hill with firstly a beautiful panorama over Reykjavik. Here you will find a replica of an ice cave, a planetarium and a museum about the history of Iceland's landscape. Be sure to visit The Settlement Exhibition in downtown Reykjavik, where you can get a good idea of ​​how the first settlers settled in Iceland. Furthermore, the National Museum of Iceland, the Phallus Museum, the Punk Museum and the Arbaer Open Air Museum are interesting museums to visit.

Day Trips from Reykjavik

Many tourists use the capital Reykjavik as a base for a visit to Iceland. If you do not have a rental car yourself, you can easily book numerous excursions and tours from Reykjavik day trips. The most popular excursions are a visit to the Golden Circle (including a visit to Geysir, the Crater of Kerid and the impressive Gullfoss waterfalls) and the excursion to the south of the island, where you can admire the beautiful black beaches of Vik in addition to many waterfalls. will visit. In addition, the Blue Lagoon is at the top of the bucket list for many people during a Reykjavik city trip, but you can also choose to visit the slightly more affordable Sky Lagoon, which is also closer to Reykjavik than the Blue Lagoon. In need of more rugged landscapes, take an excursion to Snæfellsnes Peninsula.